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An aesthetic that stems from the desire for perfection.
An exercise in originality, based on the intrinsic nature of materials.

Founded in the year 2006 as a design and manufacturing company for lighting needs, Vizion served a diverse range of clients from the retail segment. Over the years, the company added Hospitality Experiences, Museum and Experience Centres, Corporate Workspaces, High-end Retail Spaces, Developer Spaces and Residential Spaces to its repertoire. Each year, and with each new project, Vizion gained new technological ground and achieved higher standards of quality.

Today, Vizion has emerged as a design-driven company collaborating with some of the country’s finest architects and interior designers.

Embodying finesse, luxury and sleek minimalism, each Vizion light is an exemplar of impeccable craftsmanship, every project an exercise in scientific study, originality, and perseverance.

With a diverse range of products and collections to choose from and an eye on the possibilities of the future, Vizion is only just getting started.


At Vizion, the power of light is harnessed to craft efficient solutions, uplifting environments through effective illumination. Driving forth a laser-sharp focus on innovation and craftsmanship, the team combines scientific temper with artistic ingenuity to serve holistic lighting needs.

Joining hands with architects, interior designers, lighting designers and brand experts along the way, the company has cemented its propensity for collaboration — what follows is enrichment at every stage of the design process. Vizion advocates value engineering while maintaining design integrity, augmenting the lighting domain with these core values.

This iterative and collaborative process informs all ventures, guiding the team in ideating, conceptualizing and sketching out ideas, right

T-3 Airport Duty Free Retail area-New Delhi

Our Products & Processes

Every space is a gallery, every product, a work of art

Vizion adheres to a design sensibility based on minimalism, renouncing unnecessary ornament in favour of clean, linear geometry. Sourcing cutting-edge technology from Europe’s finest lighting manufacturers, the products developed here stand as a testament to the ‘make in India’ initiative, and speak volumes of India’s emergence as a key player in the international market.

Our Services

From conceptualizing and sketching to prototyping and synthesizing, Vizion’s strategy revolves around providing scalable and bespoke solutions through a process-centric and quality-driven approach. Following a meticulous design phase, the lighting fixtures are manufactured in-house, promising precision and attention to detail.

Vizion caters to spaces big and small, executing projects across numerous typologies, besides assisting its clients with post-sales supervision, maintenance work, technical follow-ups, and on-site customization if, and when required.

The designer-friendly approach to illumination gives credence to the work, and the team’s role as holistic lighting experts is governed by a transparent, sequential process which includes research and development, sourcing, manufacturing and post-sales services, at par with global standards. We are a part of the design scheme from start to finish, exemplified by a versatile project portfolio; the vision goes beyond merely illuminating spaces, it seeks to transcend the boundaries of form and function, leaving indelible impressions – subtly, but surely.

Our Clients

Vizion works with global companies, conglomerates, and HNIs, collaborating with architects, electrical contractors, interior and lighting designers. Over the years, the company has forged meaningful relationships with a prominent client base, including major players such as IBM, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Cisco.

Expanding its operations overseas, Vizion has carved a niche for itself in North America, catering to a large market base in the United States and exporting to lighting companies based in Canada. Moving forward with its impeccable streak, Vizion’s imperative is to aim for expansion across the Asia-Pacific, keeping clients happy through efficient, transparent design and services.

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