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Driven by creative and passionate people, the Vizion team derives great pleasure in working together at thriving, stateof-the-art workspaces. In addition to the company’s corporate headquarters in Noida, Vizion has its offices in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Branches and associate offices are spread across India.

Vizion’s current focus lies on assembly and finish — procuring modern machinery to streamline processes is in the works. The company prides itself on optimizing a “make-in-India” strategy, while drawing technological influences from Germany-based lighting experts.

An upcoming experience centre intends to create an immersive atmosphere for visitors, displaying a complete range of luminaires and enabling them to make informed choices on product selection.


Vishal Singh founded Vizion in August 2006, with an intent to offer strategic lighting solutions to a niche clientele, and a focus on optimizing quality, performance, along with a fresh, new minimalist take on design aesthetic. Presently Managing Director, Vishal leads a team of lighting experts at a state-of the- art office.

Vizion started on an ambitious note, heralding a shift from conventional lighting practices, and positioning itself as design oriented solution providers, catering to a niche luxury segment. The company also experimented with landscape and façade lighting, later curating its collection to accommodate specific needs. Vishal expanded the company’s scope to include processes, after-sales support, and expert consultancy on installation

The brand, under Vishal, continues to stay true to its roots, with integrity and honesty remaining as its core values, steering clear of volume-driven notions and businesses.

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