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7th July, 2020

The 21st century has been about redefining and exploring new possibilities of existing phenomena. Lighting is one such concept which evolved from a fundamental need to aid vision, to a predominant contributor to design aesthetic and a driving force behind spatial requirements. Today, the integration of lighting in the built fabric is a work of art that requires a sense of design and comprehensive lighting solutions.

Since ever-changing design trends demand uniqueness, lighting schemes are leveraged to produce interesting volumes. Creating such varied visual experiences in the existing physical environment is only possible through human-centric lighting, wherein the artificial lighting endures alongside the natural light offered by design.

As the trend of decorative interior lights provided an opportunity to add drama to the surfaces, thus began the ‘Play of Light’ in designs. Besides controlled natural light, illumination systems include wall lights, strip lights, cove lighting etc. to imbue various moods that define the functionality of spaces. Subsequently, outdoor lighting décor renders the elements of façade, even during the day, apart from curating a robust presence in the night. For instance, at the Cleft House, we had the opportunity to devise a comprehensive illumination strategy for the interiors, primarily enabled through the use of LED Linear lights. Running in a zig-zag, maze-like fashion, these recessed lights punctuate private spaces within the house to create an impactful presence. Furtherly, Vizion’s sconce lighting intervention enhances the façade’s multi-faceted profile, highlighted the edges to celebrate the rigid geometric expression of the outer skin.

Intriguing wall light designs, exclusive façade lights, and a dash of interior designer lights, when blended seamlessly with natural light punctuates the volumes while providing abundant light in the design. To strike the right balance, designers carefully blend artificial lighting and daylight into the overall illumination strategy.

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