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28th April, 2020

Ambient lighting has never been more in relevance than it is during this pandemic. With a majority of the world in quarantine or practising self-isolation, it is of paramount importance that we do not isolate ourselves in a despairing situation that may cause health issues as we try to manage the effects of COVID-19.

As the anxiety towards the research for treatment of COVID-19 reaches new heights, there is subdued talk amongst researchers and scientists about the disinfecting characteristics of UV lighting. This is because UV lighting is abundantly used as a disinfecting tool in several industries, especially pharmaceutical and food production domains. While ambient lighting might be the way forward in order to implement changes in the circadian systems of humans, but in the case of COVID-19, only a lethal exposure of UV rays or artificial UV lighting can disinfect the patient, which will ultimately cause more harm than good. While its importance has never been out of question, its relevance during these times has exponentially increased. What might play an essential role in the fight against COVID-19 is how we use ambient lighting across our homes and healthcare centres.

Studies have shown that light can enhance and alter the performance of humans, influencing the body’s ability to combat against pollutants, viruses, bacteria and other forms of diseases by initiating a vital flow of chemical reactions throughout the human body. Healthcare centres are designed to follow this perception and ensure that the appropriate exposure of ambient lighting is achieved in the space to allow for better management of limited resources, during pandemics like these.

Putting things in perspective, ambient lighting is not the therapeutic solution for COVID-19 that the world is increasingly focusing their resources on. However, it might be the solution to manage the overburdening of healthcare workers and healthcare centres across the world.

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